Welcome to Makoché

The name Makoché comes from the Lakota word for earth: maka.  There is no English equivalent.

The name refers to the land, to family, to all that is in the world and the interdependency of all living things.  The name was given to us by Cedric Goodhouse and the respected Lakota Elder
the late Joe Flying By.


When Makoché Recording Studios opened in 1992 it was recognized by the leading industry magazine, Mix, as one of the"Hot New Rooms of the year".

The studio features the  unique Bill Morrison "reflection-free zone" control room design, over
3000 square feet in space, variable acoustics
and 16-foot ceilings.

Since opening in 1992 the studio has added complete video and post-production services and a dedicated restoration suite.


Makoché Studios

208 North 4th Street

Bismarck, ND 58501



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